It is a common misconception to attribute Guyman to a networking business the likes of GNLD, Forever and other Ponzi or referral networking schemes. This misconception could be because of our workforce recruitment method whereby we encourage people to recommend known people. It could also be as a result of our performance based remuneration strategy whereby our workforce earn based on the actual work they do for us. However, this is far from the organizational operations of Guyman.

Guyman is better likened to the likes of Jiji, Jumia, Freelancer, Olist, Vconnect, Propertypro and so on. What these businesses have in common is that they provide a platform to connect buyers and sellers and service providers and service seekers alike. Likewise, Guyman is a platform that connects value seekers to ready, willing and able value providers in an easier, cheaper and more efficient way. Our strategy is to ensure that whenever and wherever a person needs a value provider be it a seller or a service provider, a post on Guyman will notify all those registered on our platform who can be of service especially through SMS. Those available for the work may now contact the value seeker. This will remove the hassle and cost of calling different value providers as they will be the ones reaching out to you. In addition, the value seeker will have an edge for negotiation. Meanwhile, our value providers also enjoy valuable business leads which their businesses exist for.

Guyman core values are Customer is King, Market Fairness and Shared prosperity. We are building a workforce that will quickly and effectively register value providers unto the Guyman platform and that will provide local knowledge and verification of the value providers being registered to ensure the security of the platform. Value providers are sellers and service providers such as mechanic, plumber, programmer, accountant, doctor, electrician, carpenter, businesses etc.

The work expected of our workforce are summarized below.

RoleDesignationJob DescriptionMonthly Pay
City WorkerReferrer Register value providers in their cityN57,000
City ManagerBusiness Development Executive (BDE) Recruit/verify workers
Manage workers
City DirectorBenefactorRecruit/verify managers
Manage the managers
Table of city workers roles and job descriptions

Value seekers are the economically active Nigerians. Nigeria’s economically active population at 59% of projected population according to digest of statistics report 2017 published by National Bureau of Statistics is 98,630,184. These are the people above the age of 15 (below 15 is considered dependent). In the 2018 labor force survey conducted by NBS, Nigeria has a labor force of 90.47 million. Lagos has a labor force of 7,478,256. Labor force refers to those above age 15 who are willing and able to work regardless of whether they have a job or not. Our value providers are the active labor force at any time.

Therefore, the people our city workers will be looking to register are those above the age of 15 who have any value they can offer that value seekers may need. This group include students, corpers, artisans, employed, unemployed, retiree/elderly, freelancer/unregistered business. They also register businesses, associations and non profit organizations.

It is not out of place for students or corpers to have a value they provide. For example some students already do business, graphics design, website design, event planning, makeup, decoration, barber etc. Likewise, an unemployed person may have a value he renders that earns him money while still looking for a job. In addition, that someone is employed doesn’t mean he cannot render a service or sell products beyond his workplace. In summary, our workers can register anyone or corporate entity that has a value to offer that may be needed at any time.

Job requirement

what do you need to be part of the Guyman workforce?

City Worker1. Should own a smartphone
2. Should be able to register people using the smart phone
3. Should have some formal education at least SSCE
4. Should have sales skills
5. Should be a good team player
City Manager1. Should own a smartphone
2. Should be ICT literate
3. Should have some sales experience
4. Should have team management skills ( for workers)
City Director1. Should own a smartphone
2. Should be ICT literate
3. Should have some sales experience
4. Should have team management skills ( for managers and workers)
5. Should have what it takes to be a boss

Advantages of working with Guyman

Guyman benefits

  1. Remote and Flexible: Our city workers can register value providers at their own time and convenience during the day. They can also have value providers register on their own with their referrer code which is their registered phone number. Furthermore, our city directors and managers manage the city workers remotely. They just need to sign into their Guyman account to see performance of their team members individually and collectively and contact them. Replacing workers is also done on their Guyman account. Thus, they do not need to be at any office to do what is required of them. This means it will not impede your other activities.
  2. Time allowance: To register a value provider typically takes less than 5 minutes. Meanwhile, our city workers are only required to register only 10 value providers in a day. This means that within an hr or two, they should be done in a day. In addition, they do not work on weekends. Furthermore, our BDEs and Benefactors only need to keep an eye on their team on their phone and contact hem if need be.
  3. Guyman is easy to sell: The relevance of Guyman to both value providers and value seekers cannot be overemphasized. While value seekers want to get what they need quite fast, easy, cheap and efficiently; all value providers are always looking for customers or avenues to get customers. Another important consideration is that Guyman has free option for value providers and our premium which is packed with a lot of goodies and gives the premium subscriber a time advantage is relatively cheap at from only N3,000 per year. This is the amount other platforms charge per week or month.
  4. Highly rewarding: Working with Guyman is highly rewarding for the minimal effort put in. When you compare what Guyman is paying relative to work done with other companies out there, you will come to the realization that this is a huge opportunity that you should not let slide. Furthermore, how much you can make on Guyman is depends directly on your input. Thus, you can make two times what someone else is making with some more effort. For every free member signed up, Guyman pays workers N150 and N750 for every premium signup. Meanwhile, managers earn N25 for every free signup by their workers and 10% for every premium signup by their worker. A simple calculation shows how much this amounts to considering the BDE manages 10 workers each.
  5. Secure: As long as everyone plays his or her role, Guyman workforce is our bedrock and at no point will get to where we won’t need our workforce anymore.

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