A real Guyman can tell “Bullshit” from genuine “Opportunity”

Guyman as used in Nigeria typically means a “street smart” person (Guyman means a smart person). In this sense, it is commonly misconstrued as a scammer or a cun artist. However, it is not uncommon to hear straightforward people also being referred to as Guyman. Infact, people refer to themselves as Guyman on several occasions that has nothing to do with scam.

Some phrases that are synonymous with guyman usage in Nigeria are Sharp guy, Sense man, Scope man, Smart guy, Correct guy, Brainiac, Alaye, Ogbuefi, and so on. Meanwhile, the likes of Mumu, Mugu, Odoyo, Ode, Maga refers to daft, stupid people usually depicting people that are assumed senseless or people that cannot think properly or people that cannot recognize bullshit. Therefore, when a Nigerian uses the word Guyman on the streets, usually refers to someone that is smart and can not be easily outsmarted.

  • I be Guyman means I am a very smart person
  • Guyman no fit guy Guyman means A very smart person cannot outsmart a very smart person. However, reality dictates that even the smartest person can be outsmarted sometimes
  • You think say you fit guy me? means Do you think you can outsmart me?
  • As a Guyman, I no fit fall mugu means As a Guyman, I cannot fall prey to scammers
Guyman is a smart person
GUYMAN na person wey get sense

Good and Bad Guyman

Bad Guyman will always use his smartness to cheat other people. However, a good Guyman uses his smartness for the benefit of other people. .

A man who is a top don, loved by many, has no enemies, no rivals, has Swag. Just the main man…Just that Guy Man. – Urban Dictionary

by JBThomas on August 24, 2011 – Urban Dictionary


Good or Bad?

Guyman is your companion in need. For value providers, Guyman will always link you with those that need your service. Likewise, for value seekers, Guyman will always link you with value providers that are ready, willing and able to serve you. Furthermore, Guyman creates an avenue of shared prosperity to all its members. Guyman has several measures in place to prevent fraud and keep out the bad guys. These include phone verification, guyman network verification and tracing, number masking and forwarding, post and account validation, site lock and much more. A real Guyman will see beyond bullshit and can tell genuine opportunities. Are you a real Guyman, Join us and let us create value together.