Happy 60th Independence Day Nigeria

October 1, 2020

Nigeria – Good people, Great nation. This mantra is typically correct depending on the narrative one intends to drive. Personal interest tops a long list of reasons men will jettison the positive for the negative in order to achieve a calculated motive. Despite the myriad of challenges facing Nigeria as a country, the possibilities of the country’s greatness can only be delayed but surely must come to be.We have not arrived at this reasoning by mere wishful thinking but by careful consideration of resources, global trends, and our political maturity. The more our democracy grows, the better the country gets. Democracy as a system of government holds no promise of a magical transformation. To hold such expectation is to live in self denial. However, over time, institutions are strengthened and the fruits begin to blossom. How I wish our democracy is 60 today. Envision Possibilities….

Nation building is a people’s job. If we all contribute our quota in any works of life we find ourself and be good ambassadors of the country, then the great days are even closer than assumed. Let us wake up each new day and reflect on our actions the past day. Furthermore, we must set out the new day with a mindset of doing things better.

Guyman is poised to carry the flag of the country proudly across the world in strategy excellence. Launched at the height of a global pandemic, yet Guyman continues to strive stealthily to its glory.

Guyman wishes Nigeria a happy 60th Independence Day. Cheers to a brighter tomorrow.

Guman Benefactors Hit 50

2 months to go

9. Portharcourt3
Standing of commited Guyman Benefactors – Full and Partial payments as at October 1, 2020.

Guyman is your solution to the means, cost and effectiveness of value exchange in Nigeria. This means that whenever you are in need of a product or a service, only a post on Guyman will connect you with myriad of options of verified ready willing and able value providers that can deliver your needs. Therefore, in order to achieve this, we are implementing a dual strategy of user acquisition and workforce management through the Guyman Network. This network is made up of Benefactors at the top who recruit and manage 30 workers – Referrers with the help of their 3 Business Development Executives.

To become a Guyman Benefactor, a financial commitment of N35,000 is required. This amount can be paid in parts as may be convenient for prospects with the understanding that the user account won’t be active until payment is complete. Meanwhile, to encourage benefactors referring other benefactors, a benefactor referral bonus of 25% of referred benefactor subscription fee is paid to who refers the benefactor. Guyman has paid N8,500 to over 8 benefactors amounting to over N350,000.

This indicates that some benefactors have already received this amount over 5 times. This also means that they are already entitled to 15% monthly earnings of their referred benefactors which can be as much as N500,000. 15% of N500,000 is N75,000. A benefactor with 10 benefactor referrals could be getting 750,000 monthly on the side minus his own earnings. You can still be a part of this. Simply look at the benefactor table above and see where your person can fit while it is still open. The maximum required in most cities is 6 apart from Lagos and Ibadan.

While some of our benefactors prefer not to appear publicly on our website, we will continue to update with relevant information.

God bless GUYMAN and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Cheers to a good people, great nation.