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Your solution to the means, cost and effectiveness of value exchange in Nigeria.

Guyman Benefactors at 50, Naija at 60


The more our democracy grows, the better the country gets. Democracy as a system of government holds no promise of a magical transformation. To hold such expectation is to live in self denial. However, over time, institutions are strengthened and the fruits begin to blossom. How I wish our democracy is 60 today. Envision Possibilities….
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Guyman Exchange
How it works

Guyman Exchange

Whenever you need something, be it service provider like a mechanic or architect, or you need a product to buy, you can visit Guyman to post it. Anytime you post a need for a service provider or a need to buy a product, Guyman will instantly notify all the value providers on the platform that have indicated that they can provide the value you need through SMS, email or their account inbox. They can choose to contact you directly. Otherwise, they can simply accept and have their contact sent to you. This simplifies the mode of value exchange and makes it more efficient. It links the value seeker with options of value providers real time while providing the value providers with valuable leads and visibility which their business exist for.